Increase the operational efficiency of your existing burner while giving you complete end-user control of your boiler.

  • Autoflame combustion management systems optimize your current boiler/burner configuration through parallel positioning control and combustion monitoring, to assure optimum combustion throughout the firing range, resulting in lower combustion O2 levels and reduced fuel consumption.
  • The Autoflame MK8 Controller incorporates an internal flame safeguard with parallel positioning control
  • Options include: Water level control (modulating feedwater valve or VFD pump control), 15 user-definable first-out inputs, VFD control for combustion & draft/FGR fans, Pressure sensors: gas pressure, combustion air pressure, fuel oil pressure, Economizer inlet and outlet water temperature sensors, draft control
  • The Autoflame MK8 EGA monitors & transfers stack emission information to the MM for 3 parameter combustion trim. Emission readings including O2, CO2, CO and NO. It also includes stack temperature, ambient temperature, and combustion efficiency display.