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Combustion & Control Service has turned into an industry leader in equipment services. From inspections and repairs to replacement and installation, this company offers comprehensive solutions to all boiler and mechanical equipment issues.


Enhancing efficiency to allow cost savings CCS aims to offer top-notch boiler and mechanical equipment services to boost business efficiency, reduce downtime, and cut operational costs.

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Inspection Services – Enhance Efficiency, ENSURE Safety

With our Open & Inspection Service, you can quickly identify the root cause of the problem and regain your business’s lost operational efficiency while providing your workers with a safe environment.

  • Annual Insurance or State Inspections
  • Bi-annual External Inspection
Repairing and Replacement Services – Ensure Optimal Performance, Save Operational Costs

High fuel costs and deteriorating quality of operations indicate an urgent need to inspect your boilers and mechanical equipment. Neglecting these signs for too long will significantly raise operational costs and risk your team’s safety.

  • Tune-ups and adjustments
  • Repairing and maintenance
  • Replacement

There’s a set lifetime for each boiler and mechanical equipment in your company. When your equipment begins to demand continuous repairing and maintenance, leading to high repairing costs, it’s best to replace it.

Rental Services – Minimize Downtime, Boost Productivity

Even a brief downtime can lead your company to incur significant monetary losses. If your equipment, including the boilers, is in need of major repairing and maintenance, don’t let the operations across your facility come to a halt. With Combustion and Control Service, you can rent out boilers and ensure the operations across your facility run smoothly all around the clock.

Other Services :

  • Siemens “LMV” Service
  • “R” & “S” Certified Stamp Welding
  • Mechanical Room Pipework
  • Pump Service for All Manufacturers
  • Thermal Fluid and Hot Oil Heater Service
  • Coater / Oven Burner Service
  • Process and Industrial Control Service & Calibration